Daveed Diggs Among the Voice Cast for Netflix's GREEN EGGS AND HAM Animated Series

February 19, 2019

Netflix has announced THE VOICE cast for "Green Eggs and Ham," based on the beloved book by Dr. Seuss. The upcoming animated series follows opposites "Guy" and "Sam" as they venture out on a road trip to save an endangered animal from a far off zoo. Along the way, they learn to try new things like hope, friendship, and a certain delectable dish.

Adam Devine will voice Sam I Am, a wildlife rescuer who specializes in saving rare animals and savoring every bite of Green Eggs & HamMichael Douglas will voice Guy Am I, an amateur inventor turned professional paint-watcher looking for a warm bowl of oat mush, peace, and quiet. Ilana Glazer is Eb, a curious, fun-seeking girl who just wants to keep a dangerous wild animal as a pet. Diane Keaton is Michellee, EB's overprotective mother who'd rather stay home and count beans than ever risk any fun.

Keegan-Michael Key is the show's narrator, the rhyming guide on the road to Meepville. Eddie Izzard voices Snerz, the tiny, evil overlord of the biggest company in all of Seussdom with a passion for collecting rare, illegal ANIMALS. Jeffrey Wright is McWinkle, a professional bad guy on one last job. Jillian Bell is Gluntz, a professional bad guy on her very first job. John Turturro voices Goat, the biggest, worst goat this side of Meepville. Tracy Morgan voices Fox, a FOX torn by his love for a chicken and her tasty green eggs. Daveed Diggs is Mouse, a revolutionary at heart, this vermin longs for freedom and cheese.

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