EarnTheNecklace Interview: Werley Nortreus's Biography and Net Worth 2018

February 14, 2019

Nortreus Manages Multiple Businesses and Brands

Under the Ceraphin Corporation umbrella, Nortreus has cultivated several brands that cater to many aspects of publishing and mass media.

“I founded Ceraphin Publishing Group in November 2016 with some executives that I am working with. Honestly, I am currently the CEO of the company and my job is to make decisions and negotiate to better the company,” Nortreus explains.

He started his own firm with the idea of bringing more entertainment into what he believes is a depressed world. Ceraphin Corporation’s brands currently operate in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, the United States, France, and Africa.

One of the 15 brands boasted on the company’s official website is the Café Kréyòl Show. It’s a live event that was launched by Ceraphin’s own Bon Déjeuner! Radio, a Caribbean-style online radio station, to bring weekly entertainment to the people of Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. 

“The organization organizes music showcases (acoustic, unplugged), comedy showcases every Friday afternoon in order for people to come to enjoy themselves and eat with friends,” Nortreus says. “The artists are selected by Bon Déjeuner! Radio to perform live in front of the crowd and the foods are served by some of the best chefs of Cap-Haïtien.”

His main goal with Ceraphin Publishing Group now is to publish and communicate constantly with his audience.

Nortreus Net Worth 2018

About Werley Nortreus
AGE 25 Years
BIRTH November 10, 1993 Limbé, Haiti
PARENTS Clodius N. Nortreus, Elisena C. Nortreus
NET WORTH $16.0 Million
OWNS Ceraphin Corporation, Nortreus Family Foundation
ALUMNI University of Prince Edward Island
FIANCÉE Gwendalyn Ashley Tucker
BOOKS Invite Jesus Into Your Life, Best Quotes of Werley Nortreus
POPULAR ALBUMS Li Se Bondye, Temwanyaj Pam