How The Singing Contractors Went From Viral Video to Debut Gospel Album

February 02, 2019

A pair of Midwest contractors is taking “whistle while you work” to heart.

Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett both grew up singing in Southern gospel groups and wound up working construction as adults. When a video of them singing “How Great Thou Art” in 2015 on a job site went viral, the duo returned to their musical roots. Known as the Singing Contractors, Gray and Arnett’s aptly titled album debut, Workin’ on a Building: Hymns and Gospel Classics comes out Friday on Gaither Music Group.

“I believe the album shows that we are just two simple guys and very raw, but thankful to have such an unbelievable opportunity,” Gray tells Billboard.

Arnett adds, “The Gaither label knows what we stand for and does a great job showing it. ... From the look of our stage setup to the type of country and gospel music, a cappella renditions and interviews we do, hopefully, allows people to see our personality and see us for who we really are.”

The son of a preacher, Gray grew up in Charleston, Ill., and his family band traveled extensively, singing at churches and revivals. Arnett, a married 43-year-old father of four, was born and raised in Anderson, Ind., and also grew up traveling and singing with his family. Arnett and Gray first met in their teens while performing with their families, and later reconnected after Gray moved to Indiana.

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