Jon Fratelli Releases 'Bright Night Flowers'

February 15, 2019

Jon Fratelli - Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and frontman from The Fratellis releases Bright Night Flowers today via Cooking Vinyl

Jon talks about releasing the album today saying, "I just wanted to thank everyone who has shared messages over the last few months about the songs we've released in the run-up to bringing you Bright Night Flowers. Even though as always I write the songs for my own amusement I'm genuinely touched when anyone, even if it's only ever one person, responds to them in a way that is similar to my own when I first write them. As soon as they pass from my ears to another a community is created there and then, being part of that community has a sweetness to it that I never tire of. Thank you for coming along for the ride and now that the album is here to enjoy in its entirety I hope it gives some of you the same pleasure to hear as I got from making it"

Bright Night Flowers was recorded in Scotland during the summer of 2018 and was self-produced with the help of a long term friend, musician and producer Stuart McCredie (Simple Minds, Echo & The Bunny Men, BelleSebastian and The Fratellis

Straight off the back of the last Fratellis album, Jon's solo material displays a more down-tempo melodic side to his songwriting and with echoes of Glen Campbell, Roy Orbison, and even Tom Waits, this perfectly-assembled, finely-wrought, nine-track album showcases something very special from his art. 

Soul-noir, country gothic, The Big 'O' meets The Big Easy, the Heart of Saturday Night meets the West End of Glasgow...Call it what you will, Jon's second solo 'joint' is a little masterpiece and a refreshing change of pace from his previous work.