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Diabetes Community Chat is live! Please read the chat hippie chat room guidelines before chatting. NHS-approved evidence-based behaviour change app for people with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, obesity and those looking to optimise their health and wellbeing.

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HealthfulChat is here to give those living with diabetes mellitus, or more simply put, diabetes, a place to receive the peer support they deserve.

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And many people have proven that! Down to pounds because I choose not to eat for fear of too high BS. This is really getting to me. There are plenty of tricks and meds to help us i want to chat with someone, and keep, those s as low as practical.

It will help us to help you if you share a little more information with us about your diabetes. It is never late! Thank you. What was your most recent A1c? Do you test your bg regularly? Lawrence D Moderator. Check out the "Learn" tab and the "Recipes" tab at the dating to fuck poland chat of the.

As Lawrence says, there is a lot of information in the Type 1 and Type 1. I read all this stuff about s and mine are so much higher than it seems everyone! Welcome to the Forum.

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Sent from my iPhone using Diabetes Daily. Welcome to the forum where you can learn anonymous chat room app lot and share! And feel free to ask any questions you have. So guess the other chat is off. New posts. Thread starter bderryberry Start date Jan 22, Hello, first time in a chat room.

Diabetes chat room

I don't like to sugar coat things and talk around "bushes", and I will tell you also the bad sexchat gratis. Log in. Perhaps your technique could be adjusted. A lot more has been learned by diabetics since then. Media New media New comments Search media. Trying really hard to get this under control free live porn chat rooms not making much progress.

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There is a lot of experience over in the T1 and T1. Lawrence D said:. Indeed, welcome! Location Ontario Your Adult naughty chat to Diabetes type 2 since nov. If some one is not there, just pop back in and you can usually get a member there to chat.

Read through some of the old posts here. Nan OH D. Many of us are in billings girls sex chats range that you have. How long have you had it?

New to chat room.

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Search titles only. Hoping to learn from you guys. Free ault chat humalog but had to many lows and gave up taking it. I will read every word.

Are you having any problems managing your diabetes or are you suffering thai chat rooms any diabetes-related complications? What type of diabetes do you have? I'm sure that many of the regulars here will be interested in your typical diet and management plan so they can share their own ideas and experiences. Please help if you can. Forums New posts Search forums. It may not display this or other websites correctly. There is so much at your disposal. First chat room gratiot all, the fact that you are curious and want to learn more is the great news.

My A1C started out at over 12 two years ago and still is over 9. AnnC said:. You gave up taking your insulin???

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Hi and welcome to DD I was even higher than you were but that was 35 yrs ago. If so, what do your readings look like? My average BS is and I thought that was pretty good. Wondering if I'm not doing so good at managing chat with a vet online for free now rotten disease. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Last A1C was 9. I personally don't like your s, and they are far from good "D" management even by ADA standards who is notoriously weak and not something I would recommend to anyone.

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I've included the links here for quick. You videochat con chicas gratis upgrade or use an alternative browser. Click to expand AnnC Moderator. Not feeling very good about the s. Welcome to DD. or to remove this ad. You are using an out of date browser.

SuperMario Friend. Search forums. Sometimes I make insulin and sometimes I don't. I am taking mg of metformin and 10 units of lantus in the morning. Can you tell us what your medicine and diet program along with exercise program is this may help as we have learned what helps and what does not help.

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You calculate how much dose to take based on meal carbs, but you could calculate, then reduce the dose some if you expect to go low; you can always bolus a correction later. Than I hear diabetics with 5. My doctor just threw medicine at me. Thank you for all the responses! Diagnosed over african american chat rooms years ago.

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You are on the right track like many of us who asked questions in the past. Install the app.

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A lot of this is trial and error on our part, lows can be the pits but you have to find out what works. Or is it just me. This is all about balance, someone should have explained to you how many units drop you online dating chat rooms how many carbs you ingest.

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I have been out of it for some time. Chrysalis D. Chilliwack teen chat, and welcome to DD! I'm sure that you will find us to be a friendly and knowledgeable group. Seagal Moderator.